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I am grateful to the organisations and people below (and many more) for showing trust in my expertise, which I have delivered in the form of written or oral analysis or project management (click on each box to find out more).

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  • e045fd3c-213b-4d04-a7ea-b57d693d81a6-original
    European Snacks Association
  • France 24 u
    France 24
  • Bloomber
  • 15391000_10154530458705342_7114072866499997232_n
    Capitals Circle Group
  • BBC news
  • 15253412_10154482636395342_1220062918728589963_n
    Providus / Centre for Public Policy
  • 15036383_10154461862675342_3386108762426907880_n
    Union of European Federalists (UEF)
  • 14639639_10154415799525342_8583859782910475128_n
    London Center for Policy Research
  • Daserste
  • 13453513_1013351508718306_1111903207_o
    Council of the European Union
  • SkyNewsDoru
    Sky News interview on Brexit
  • 27336499_10155735388230342_4238242512956970891_n
    Allegro Film
  • cnndoru
    CNN Interview on Brexit
  • Doru Frantescu in The Economist
    The Economist
  • Doru Frantescu in the New York Times
    New York Times
  • El Pais
    El Pais
  • 12376082_10153630046305342_6521904171939533118_n
    EPD – Ukrainian delegation
  • Open Society Foundation
    Open Society Foundation
  • EBF - Doru Frantescu
    European Banking Federation
  • Latin America Leaders - Doru
    Latin American Leaders
  • Doru Frantescu participated at the Public Affairs Council's event “Predicting the Future? How to Use the EP & Council’s Voting Patterns for Public Affairs Success”
    Public Affairs Council
  • 26993426_10155741571665342_7598761997621389479_n
  • Doru Frantescu's office at CEPS in Brussels
    CEPS (with Weber & Pittella)
  • duisburguniv
    University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Doru Frantescu at Euronews
    Euronews – The Network
  • Doru Frantescu is a memeber of the TransAtlantic Caucus
    TransAtlantic Caucus
  • Doru Frantescu at the European Parliament’s TV channel
  • Doru Frantescu in the Deutsche Welle
    Deutsche Welle
  • Doru Frantescu in the Financial Times
    Financial Times
  • 13652782_1028710800515710_1052009247_n
    NSPAS Bucharest
  • Doru Frantescu in Le Monde
    Le Monde
  • lavanguardia
    La Vanguardia
  • ORF
  • map test Doru 2
    Media coverage map
  • Doru Frantescu in La Stampa
    La Stampa
  • Doru Frantescu in Gândul
  • esharp
  • Doru Frantescu in RFI Romania
    RFI Romania
  • PolskieRadioRedone
    Polskie Radio
  • EUObserverRedone
    EU Observer
  • AltingetRedone
  • ElEspanolredone
    El Español
  • Doru Frantescu at the AmCham EU
    AmCham EU
  • Doru Frantescu at the European Business Summit
    European Business Summit
  • Doru Frantescu praised by Jose Manuel Barroso
    José Manuel Barroso’s Tweet
  • Doru Frantescu praised by Martin Schulz
    Martin Schulz’s Tweet
  • Doru Frantescu at the Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union
    Mission of Sweden to the EU
  • Doru Frantescu at the LSE
    London School of Economics
  • Doru Frantescu at Maastricht University
    Maastricht University
  • Doru Frantescu at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
    Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • erasmus
    Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Doru Frantescu at University of Barcelona
    University of Barcelona
  • hec
    Haute Ecole de Commerce Paris
  • Doru Frantescu recommended by the JHU
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Doru Frantescu recommended by the Atlantic Council
    Atlantic Council
  • martens
    Martens Centre
  • Doru Frantescu coordinated a project that involved 20 research institutes
    20 research institutes
  • Doru Frantescu at the European Policy Centre
    European Policy Centre
  • Doru Frantescu at the Notre Europe
    Notre Europe
  • Doru Frantescu at Hanns Seidel Stiftung
    Hanns Seidel Stiftung
  • Doru Frantescu speaking at Chamber of British Industries
    Chamber of British Industries
  • Doru Frantescu at the European Parliament
    European Parliament
  • Doru Frantescu in La Capital
    La Capital
  • Doru Frantescu at TVR
  • Doru Frantescu in the Euronews
  • Doru Frantescu in the Associated Press
    Associated Press
  • Doru Frantescu at the Association of Slovenian Journalists
    Association of Slovenian Journalists
  • danish
    DMJX from Denmark
  • Doru Frantescu at the farewell event of the former European Ombudsman
    European Ombudsman
  • Doru Frantescu at Complutense University of Madrid
    University of Madrid
  • Doru Frantescu at the Euro-Qvorum Institute
    Euro – Qvorum Institute
  • Doru Frantescu in Belgian RTBF
    Belgian RTBF
  • Doru Frantescu at the Committee of the Regions
    Committee of the Regions
  • Doru Frantescu at the European Movement International
    European Movement
  • IMG_6124
  • Doru Frantescu at the Bulgarian K1
    Bulgarian K1
  • Doru Frantescu in Al Jazeera
    Al Jazeera