April 11, 2016

Austrians will vote for a new President on April 24. The race is very tight, as the migration crisis is substantially impacting the national political landscape. A victory of a candidate from outside the current grand-coalition would seriously undermine the government’s policies. The nationalist anti-immigration and anti-EU FPÖ is on the rise and pushes hard to be part of a future government.

Our policy brief shows:

  • Who the candidates are and what they think about key issues that impact on the EU, such as migration policy and TTIP;
  • What the voters’ preferences are;
  • How the Austrian government has behaved so far in the EU Council;
  • How the Austrian MEPs have behaved so far in the European Parliament.

Once a solely symbolic event, the elections for the Austrian Federal Presidency have become an event of great significance. After all, they will influence one of the EU’s wealthiest countries and its long-term approach to a united Europe.

Read full report in PDF.


Source: Votewatch Blog – Doru Frantescu’s Posts


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